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Welcome to His & Her Hair Mobile Hair Care. Owners and founders Vhilena Nelson and Cindy McClung have more than 13 years of experience as professional hairstylists. They want to look to the future to innovate the industry and make salon-services readily available in a changing world. His & Her Hair Mobile Hair Care is the first in-home hair service in Florida. Our team travels to your house to provide you with the same quality services you expect from a salon without the added wait times or hassle. You can have your hair professionally cut and colored in your home with the same quality results you’re sure to love.

We provide in-home salon services—including cut, color, and grooming—for men and women. Clients should choose us because we provide professional high-quality salon services at an affordable price, and our in-home services allow us to completely focus on you first. We have superb attention to even the most minute of details when it comes to your hair, and we put all of our focus into creating and implementing a style you are sure to love. All services start at [baseline price] and are subject to change when adding additional services. Services over $100 require a nonrefundable $20 deposit to discourage cancellations as well. We look forward to working with you and thank you for choosing His & Her Hair Mobile Hair Care!


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